Index of First Lines

A shower of seed fell to the earth

A solemn joy set Jesus on.

As proof of how our family line is made of hearty genes


Barry built a wooden tiv

Brake pads, bow strings

Dactyls are terrible lizards that fly at the mind,

Everyone stopped and I,

Feel, how softly down the throat

Fresh faced, with a diamond in her ear

Haikus belong here

He stands in the half light,

Here, right here, in the small of the year,

His name, Dagon

I am from mudballs on the wall at park beach

I sit on a bench in a warm-lit place,

In the kitchen, full of flour

In this kitchen, when I’ve done my best

Long will I climb the mountain sublime,

My older cousins got here first

My older cousins got here first and even filled the shed,

On grey branches which grew

once ere our era

one swan swam on a mere.

Once, me mets a calico and piebald, patchy pig,

Perhaps the Northern climes, Decembers cold with snow

Pure of any mortal mote

Rising before us, the pregnant stage point stands

Sign of horror

Sirens tell of evil and good.

Slumping down the stairs like a medicine ball

Somewhere about there’s a slithering sound of man’s enmity,

The bear and bull make stomachs lurch

The Dead See Scrolls

The Dead See Scrolls

The inside and the outside of a man,

The line of pulsing shoulder blades,

The people enter, ascension of mind and soul

The promenade took

The prophets’ sons were making house when one had cause to shiver:

The road rose up to meet…

The truck tyres invert the rain,

There is no greater fear than this:

Thick juicy squeeze

Thinking again about dactyls and how they don”t tolerate

This love will always, always have been.

Through a porthole, I wait

To carry close a fishing net of gold or sea-green thread,

To the man of joy and steeple,

To the one who said, “Let there be light”,

To what degree is the will free?

Violin bows grow

We saints should shed the catechisms of the world,

We will not last as long as you did

What really is the use

When lit drops like diamonds

When looking for a spouse,

When Spring arrives, the flowers burst

With solemn joy we sing

You belong to the pendulum

You bring that fricative to my lip and teeth