To the one who said “Let there be light”

I find it’s often helpful to let a reader know what they’re in for. What you’re about to read is a praem. That’s a prayer-poem. 

On the cusp of decisions with far-reaching consequences, I wrote this to my Lord. It is comprised of quick-rhyming couplets, a stable scheme with slight instability around the middle.

To the one who said, “Let there be light”,
who made the mud and gave us sight,
  I pray to ask for wisdom here:
  that dark unknowns would be made clear;
    that, hearing, I would walk in faith
    in any circumstance and place;
      that gods called consequence would fail
      to rock me, plunge me, drain my sail –
        but rather, independent of
        these earthly prompters of my love
          let God be worshippéd by me
          whose eyes were opened, Him to see.

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