Alphabetical Library

A Common Potoo

A Eulogy for Bill, after Mildred

A rainy drive home to you

A Sonnet (The bear and bull make stomachs lurch)

A tale of two tivs

Above the Truck Tyres

An Intolerable Sound

Annie (or Great Aunt Margaret”s Birth)


Census in Bethlehem

Census in Bethlehem (Version 2)



Dagon Ditty

Do Feel

Down the hill

Flat Ozymandias

Forgive me, Dactyl

Four Haikus

Freckled Face

Ham’s Thoughts

Hebrew Dragnet

Hmn. (A Consideration)

Holy of Holies

How to find a spouse

I am from

In this kitchen

Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll version 2

Let it fall and be understood

Library of Celsus

Like dough, like steels

March alone

Mm-Hmn. (A Consideration continued)

Ode to Dvorak

Ode to the Spirit of Aseity

Out of the Earthy Orchestra


Poetry should propound

Randburg Harriers Road Race

Seasons of the Garden

Shape of hope



Succulent Succulent

Summer Christmas

Swan Lake


Temporary Graffiti

That other god

The Autumn Daylight Sky

The Axe is Recovered

The edges of the earth rush in

The Fish of the Bowl of Golden Fear

The inside of a man

The Invisible Man (2009)

The Talking Pig Story

This love will always, always have been

To the Aquarium and Back (or Ten Memories of Durban)

To the one who said “Let there be light”