The clouds with growls of rain-wolves rumble,
a wide surprise that shakes men’s souls

from flashes, gnashes, hearts run humble
neath ceilings that leak though howling holes

and pounding sounds on surest shelters
to shake and make our fensters fall.

The pack attacks, with puffs and pelters
to rush as gushes, air-wolves all.

What are your thoughts on this piece? To me it feels incomplete, but I wanted to share it with you in the meanwhile.

It’s been a month of many snippets and only a handful of full length poems, none of which are ripe for putting online, at least yet. So I’ll appreciate your comments on Rain-wolves. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Rain-wolves

  1. Lots of creative imagery. It’s worth reading. That scary storm is pelting the windows of my mind, and I’m wishing that traumatized ceiling could be fixed.

  2. From pops ? An introductory line to set the tone may be relevant, it is a bit like rushing to the knock knock punch line before we know we are joking

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