Out of the Earthy Orchestra

Violin bows


like firm, fresh shoots in Spring

in a BBC montage.

Out of the earthy orchestra they

change their minds,



repeat, afraid,

afraid of the wind in the wood,

that imposing bassoon.

2 thoughts on “Out of the Earthy Orchestra

  1. Hey Joe, I have been enjoying your Poetry, it has re kindled an avenue for me. I used to read and write a few poems when I lived in Derby. Only for my own amusement. Yesterday I bought a lovey poetry book called”Gratitude “ and have been sitting out in the garden on this glorious day reading it. Thinking of you and your beautiful family. Love and gratitude Aunty Catherine xx Sent from my iPhone

    1. Thank you for such an encouraging message! I think the difference these days in being able to share the amusement quite easily! Little observations like this are just too good to keep to one’s self. Enjoy the garden reading and the sun! xx

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