On the rock

Often I begin a poem that doesn’t get further than free writing, initial thoughts, or a few lines. Even so, the expressions and ideas are still worth sharing. The text below is from a poem that felt too skeletal and wasn’t working, so I removed the line breaks, edited a little, and made it into this short flowing thought.

You find yourself upon a rock, your sea legs countering waves which are not there. You are shaken, on unshakable ground. The sea rocks you, for the rock will not move; it is steadfast, unyielding. Your legs anticipate lurches which do not come. Though the waves knock on, they meet an Absolute, upon which you stand not drifting tumbling relative. What definite stance, desperate hands, slick feet held fast. Comfort, home, unexpected, sickening, Dizzy you cling. Waves would drag you, calling “Come back”. But the waves are no longer inside you.

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