Ebenezer 2020

Upon the shores of water still
I found a stone made straight and smooth
by tool and eye of mason past.

The sand beneath was soft and damp
and with a branch I dug a hole
sufficient for the stone to stand.

Then with a fulcrum, up I raised
that stone to mark the days til now
and Ebenezer on it scrawled.

The stone in sand will not long stand
but days have gone and rooted fast
as will the future roll and fix

I fix my eyes, through hazing toil
and deepest rest, devotion, strife,
renew my strength and lean on grace.

(His grace has brought me safe thus far
and He will lead me home).

Jerusalem Glass

The second of a pair
of special wine glasses
made of Jerusalem crystal
soft and misted,
with twists
of red like Jupiter clouds,
and speckles of blue rain
into pieces nine and half
years after our wedding day.

They were