Forgive me, Dactyl

(see Pentadactyl)

Thinking again about dactyls and how they don’t tolerate
stress out of place or the sneaky insertion of syllables,
gladly and humbly I wonder, perhaps I should moderate
poetry calling them dinosaurs, bigots and imbeciles.

P’raps we should think of a dactyl as champion of chastity,
raising the banner of vehement structural sanctity,
hating the sin of iambic compulsion of poetry,
leading the poet in pathways of diligent purity.



dactyl (/ˈdæktɪl/Greekδάκτυλοςdáktylos, “finger”) is a foot in poetic meter…. In accentual verse… it is a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables (SOURCE)


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