Here’s one from the archives, with some edits. April 2015. It focuses on one particular manifestation of sin, not to equate sin and materialism.

Long will I climb
the mountain sublime,
that poisonous rock
    of more and more stock
    while angels above
are telling of love
    that’s greater than ought
    than long life has bought.

Long will I glance
the heavenly chance,
    the only way right,
    it’s clear in my sight –
yet backward I strive,
thinking I’m alive,
    on a course of my own
    where I’m on the throne.

Long will I ask
the impossible task
    of turning around
    to the holiest ground
where God himself stands
worshiped by these hands.

    The turning is true
    and he cleans me anew.

Long will I pray
with thanks for the day
    when I first understood
    that I’ll never be good,
but there’s goodness for free
‘cos he traded with me
    for a substantial loss,
    my sin on his cross.

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