The Axe is Recovered

The prophets’ sons were making house when one had cause to shiver:
while chopping trees, his borrowed axe head flew into the river

and with a splash his heart sank deep for somewhere in that wet
the axe was lost! The Jordan plunged him into crippling debt.

Appealing to the prophet strange, “Elisha, help me please!”,
he pointed to the river running past the fallen trees,

“It fell in there and surely sank in mire and mud so deep
that I will spend my rest of days the payments up to keep!”

Elisha, filled with holy power to heal, that men would note
that great salvation comes from God, then made that iron to float.

The man rejoiced, and fetched the axe head, hauling it to shore-
the Holy Scripture ends right there. He doesn’t tell us more.

And so we’re left to ponder why this miracle took place.
like many of Elisha’s works, it’s such a baffling case.

To me it seemed a kindness odd to help a single man
with such an individual grace. But isn’t that God’s plan?

He chose that man before the axe had ever tasted lumber
just as he saves specific souls by name or ID number.

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