Psalm 118 Hymn

Give thanks to Yahweh, he is good, 
His love endures forever!
Say, Israel, Aaron, all who fear,
"His love endures forever!"
In all distress, no faithless fear
for Yah has helped and answered clear
with victory o'er the en'my.

To trust and shelter in our God
is better than all others.
Behold, the threat'ning sounds around
are in His great name smothered.
Forced down to fall, yet Yahweh's strong
salvation came and changed the song
from fear to joyful vict'ry.

How can it be through sorrows road
that Yahweh's gate was opened?
Oh, marvel in the Son of Man,
and come to Yahweh through him.
This is the day that Yahweh made:
We will rejoice, be glad in it:
Jesus our chief was lifted.

We welcome you our God of light,
give thanks by light you gave us,
that bound within the Father's will
The Lamb was sent to save us.
Blessed is the one who in the name
of Yahweh came; will come again.
Your love endures forever!

This hymn is based on Psalm 118 (LSB), and was written specifically for our church’s Maundy Thursday service tonight. I am so grateful for our music team who gave necessary encouragement, exegesis and feedback, which resulted in this new song. It came together quite quickly and could certainly improve, but I wanted to share it without delay, that it might bless you this Easter weekend.

Credits: The melody is that of “Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above” by Thomas Grassi. I’m not quite sure how to formally give him credit apart from the notation below.

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