Somewhere about there’s a slithering sound of man’s enmity,
causing excitement and casting the seeds of calamity,
claiming enlightened revision of old postmodernity.
Oh! But the thought is as novel as man in eternity.

Lewis and Ransom have shown us to view the transhumanists
in the same light as Mark Studdock and Feverstone’s futurists:
some are as wholly committed as Babylon’s atheists;
others are following blindly the lure of these dataists.

Tempted to self-exultation, they’re striving for deity;
how can this hideous fate be the talk of society?
Dreams that dilute all the values and truth of humanity,
genuine glory exchanged for a dead singularity.

A Sonnet (The bear and bull make stomachs lurch)

The bear and bull make stomachs lurch
when headlines hold the hopes of men.
Some will kowtow, or kneel in church,
anything to put Martha in power again.
For Martha’s scurrying sustains the world,
is the creator of life, civil and modern.
Until upon their beds are curled
half of humanity, work forgotten.
Then what invisible hand makes beat
the hearts which sleep to wake at morn?
Who binds the sky and grows the wheat
and rolls the earth on which we’re borne?
    Give praise to Jesus, read what he said
    and ask the Father for your daily bread.