Ebenezer 2020

Upon the shores of water still
I found a stone made straight and smooth
by tool and eye of mason past.

The sand beneath was soft and damp
and with a branch I dug a hole
sufficient for the stone to stand.

Then with a fulcrum, up I raised
that stone to mark the days til now
and Ebenezer on it scrawled.

The stone in sand will not long stand
but days have gone and rooted fast
as will the future roll and fix

I fix my eyes, through hazing toil
and deepest rest, devotion, strife,
renew my strength and lean on grace.

(His grace has brought me safe thus far
and He will lead me home).

Jilted Jesus

In October, I was making my way through Kings and Chronicles, which for the first time I really experienced as truly gripping reads. And this brought me once again to Jeroboam and his lingering legacy of wicked idolatry. I wrote this poem while frustrated with Sin and wilful sins. Determination, intention, and dusting off must yet find us at the feet of Christ, needing real grace and forgiveness.

Jilted Jesus

By the image and afterimage of all my chosen griefs I,
eager for money, mad for Martha’s woe
and sitting
in the seat lazy to the point
of hating one and also the other,
do now stand up and walk.

And I walk in the ways
in the ways in the
ways of the
w-ays of
as ever and ever they did.
In the counsel of the wicked
and their own hearts’ guiding
man walked and stood and sat.

O light in darkness
counsel of good, move my feet
To keep in step.
Swiftly bring savour, heart’s desire
Favour, conscience, to whet my eyes
To wonderful way
O Jilted Jesus!
Mercy! my