For wife and child

Creator God of blessings great,
O Fount of life within my mate!
You knit such wonders small and neat
your mighty power must complete.

Be pleased to form, where none can peer,
the baby’s bones and spirit. Steer
and safe preserve my wife from ill
and frights which might this heartbeat still.

Please bless this child in flesh and mind.
Elect and reckon wholly thine,
on loan to us to love and rear;
endue its heart with holy fear.

Do sanctify from life’s first light
this cherished child to bless your sight
and grant my wife your Spirit’s care,
with patient faith to help her bear

the punishment for sin of Eve,
then after labour, Lord relieve
and cover pain with greater joy
as first she holds our girl or boy.

Lord, set this babe to cry out strong!
And let its joyful days be long,
all lived beneath the Father’s wing
with hope and faith in Christ the King.


Seven skulls sit side-by-side
atop the wall of Erringtide.
Their salted sockets watch the wide
expanse of waves within which hide
the devils Marax, sixes each
who’d seek to storm the sandy beach
and scale the ramparts, rent a breach,
the Prince of Erringtide to reach.

The skulls, they whistle low and still
with landborne winds across their sill
while readied for the war, they will
enjoy the breeze of peace until
their vigil finds the day has come
when they must raise their voices dumb
and all of Erringtide shall thrum
with bowstrings and the devil drum.

Keep watch, O heads of ancient lore
protect the Prince’s pristine shore.
The seas are near and ever more
would seek to wage a devil’s war.
Defend with all your ken of grave
the Prince to whom the old king gave
you charge. Now watch in every wave
from which will come the need to save.