Baking Poetry Submissions

Would you like your poetry to appear in a beautiful book, specifically made to combine top-quality poetry and photography around the theme of baking? Such a book will be at home in any baker’s kitchen. What a perfect gift! Submit your poem below, and it may be selected for publication.

  1. Submissions open on 10 November 2018 and close on 31 November 2018.
  2. You may submit a maximum of three poems.
  3. Submissions must be around the theme of baking. (Savoury or sweet, preparation time or consumption, traditional or modern, from any cultural background, recipes in rhyme…anything to do with baking!).
  4. Submissions must be in English.
  5. Submission of any poetry is not a guarantee of publication or response.
  6. There is no limit to poem length. Long poems that are accepted may be published in part.
  7. The poem(s) need not rhyme nor be in formal metre, though they ought to have a sense of structure, order, or intentional departure from these.
  8. The poem(s) should be accessible, i.e. interesting for the reader. If your poem is about a personal experience, consider using different points-of-view or communicable senses to ensure that others can share in the poetry.
  9. By submitting a poem or poems, you declare that the work is entirely your own and you consent to the work being published without remuneration. This does not prohibit Starling Press from offering a reward for accepted submissions.
  10. For submissions that are accepted and published, poets will be credited according to the name accompanying the submission. Starling Press may query and ask for proof of names.
  11. Poems will remain the intellectual property of the poet, and you grant Starling Press non-exclusive, perpetual rights to modify and/or publish the submitted work. An example of respectful modification is the standardisation to American or British English, or amendment of line spacing and indentation. The intent is, however, to create a beautiful anthology of diverse contributions with minimal or no modifications.
  12. Starling Press is Joe Spring.
  13. You consent to being contacted by Starling Press for various purposes. We will not abuse this privilege and you may opt out of communications at any time.

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dough and flour near lemons and rolling pin
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